The Business Association of Donoussa is based in Donoussa (Cyclades) with PO Box. 84300, and VAT Number : 997559654 Municipality of Naxos and is officially fuctioning since 21/02/2017.

Our Purpose as an association is:

1) The legitimate actions and procedures of preserving, studying and promoting the common economic, social and professional interests of its members in the context of serving the community as a whole and solving any problems the island of Donoussa is facing in general.

2) Promoting Donoussa, as a tourist destination.

3) The development and overall improvement of the island's infrastructure, and services provided by local businesses.

4) Submitting proposals to public authorities and public bodies to solve problems and develop business and the island.

5) The organization of cultural and informative events, meetings and conferences, as well as participation in exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

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